ADCA is a global company but keep the best that a family-owned business can have: agility in developing new products, a flexible production and the proximity to our staff and clients.

The requests of customers for special products meet in the company the willingness and determination to accept new challenges, which is evident in our vision to always look to and invest in the latest technology, allowing continuous increase in productivity, quality and efficiency of our products.
Moreover, as a family business we can take fast decisions which are promptly executed thanks to our streamlined organizational and technical structures.

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شیر کنترلی (کنترل ولو) بخار دو مسیره مدل V16/2 برند ADCA

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The ADCATrol V16/2 is a series of single seated, two-way globe control valves designed for simple process engineering and industrial applications with non-critical operating conditions. These valves can be assembled with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators, for modulating and shut-off control tasks.